It’s an honest question. We already have so much stuff that we need to think of on a daily basis; why care about your gut? The #1 reason why gut health is important is that it is proven to be linked with disease. It is the same as asking “why is health important”? It is absolutely crucial to your life. 

Here I will show you the top 6 main disease-related aspects that your gut health has an impact on. They are all interlinked and it all comes down to whether your gut has a balanced flora: meaning mostly good bacteria.

If you have been struggling with one or a few of these below, and your doctors are unable to find out the cause of it or you’re looking for other natural ways to be more healthy. Take a look below to see if it might (again, I’m not a doctor!) be due to an unbalanced gut.

1 – General Diseases:

unhealthy people (with or without knowing), have an increased risk of disease due to the influence of gut bacteria. When gut health is not balanced with mostly good bacteria. The chances of your health being negatively affected are high. There is an ongoing debate as to whether your bad gut health comes first or the actual disease. Scientists are still trying to reveal the exact connection and how it goes to work. But one this is for sure and that there is a link between disease and your gut health.

2 – Inflammation:

some bacteria in your gut fight inflammation, but there is also bacteria type that promotes it. This means that inflammatory bacteria can take over in your gut and resulting in spreading the inflammation to other parts of the body. Examples can be if you have a chest infection, kidney infection, or other conditions like that seem to be one-off and non-explanatory.

3 – Immune System:

specific types of bacteria in the gut have been linked to lowering your immune function. This can result in a greater risk of asthma and allergies. There is, for example, a high increase of people with a new type of allergies around the age of 30 or 40. This is because our immune system has gotten weaker due to our gut health being less well taken care of. Mainly due to the food that we eat in the modern-day and age.

4 – Neurological Conditions:

This includes anxiety, depression, dementia, and even schizophrenia. The best way that this was explained to me once was through an article called “The Gut-Brain Connection” by Harvard. It explains how the brain has a direct effect on the gut by for example the thought of eating can always make your stomach rumble. This connection goes both ways. So that when your gut is unbalanced, it is sending signals to the brain, leading to anxiety, stress, or even depression.

5 – Chronic Illnesses:

gut health has been linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. This to me is always very shocking to read about. Especially when I hear the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes, which is now shown to be linked with gut health. It is so important to take care of your gut health as it can start spiraling into very serious chronic illnesses. Some scientists are now even looking into how they can resolve, completely, chronic illnesses by restoring gut health.

6 – Obesity:

Unbalanced gut health has been linked with gut health and is scientifically being researches as we all want more answers. It is unclear still to scientists whether it is the gut that causes obesity or if gut health gets worse due to obesity and as a result of things only get worse for someone obese. Either way, for anyone struggles with obesity, it can only be good to try to improve your gut health as it will help you feel better each day.

Gut health is important as it is at the core of most medical disease conditions. It can, potentially, prevent disease, improve conditions, increase your immune system, reduce symptoms, and a lot more. If you want to find out more about your gut health, a great starting point is the Best Books to Restore your Gut where scientists show both proof and ways to take back control of your health.

Why do YOU think our (gut) health is important? Share below in the comments.