Gut health. It is so important (read this). And yet we don’t really know how we can improve it. How to restore your gut health completely? In my opinion, again, not a doctor,  but it cannot be done with just an overnight change.

You must find ways that work exactly for you. What might work for one person, might not immediate work for you. Here are all the ways that I could find.

I created this site because I myself was struggling with a lot of health issues. And over the years, I never knew what was going on – even the doctors I would visit had no clue. My frustration and my symptoms were increasing every day until one day when I couldn’t take it anymore.

At this point, I heard about “gut health” and decided to learn all about it. Ever since I changed my diet completely drastically, my life completely changed. I am now healthy, energetic, and mentally strong!

Every single symptom that I had completely disappeared over a time frame of around 3 months, but I saw results right away.

It was also a struggle to figure out all this stuff about food in a short period of time. I mean, I knew the basics and felt like I was already eating quite healthy. I didn’t eat any processed food at home and enjoyed my fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Oh boy was I wrong. There is so much more to nutrition.

And over the course of the year, I learned SO much about foods and how I can take back control of my health.

Now it’s my turn to help you!

Here’s exactly how you can restore your gut health: diet-wise, antibiotics in-depth, and other ways.

1. Take probiotics:

1. Take probiotics - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

research has shown that probiotics can support a health gut and that it can prevent gut inflammation and other intestinal problems (Medical News Today).

2. Eat fermented foods:

2. Eat Fermented Foods - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

this is pretty much a natural source of probiotics and may improve gut health. My favourites are miso, kimchi, and kombucha. Careful for industry versions though with lots of added sugar.

3. Eat prebiotic fiber:

3. Eat Prebiotic Fiber - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Fiber is key to a happy gut (by Healthline). You can feed the bacteria in your gut with: green peas, brocoli, beans, lentils, and more.

These are foods that help you improve your gut health and help increase the good type of bacteria. It includes asparagus (favo!, bananas, garlic and onions (easy to add in any dish).

4. Less sugar and sweeteners:

4. Less Sugar and Sweeteners - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

it is a fact (proven by research) that sugar and sweeteners negatively affects the microbiome. With a known link to your brain and behavior.

There’s even studies being done where it shows that sugar and sweeteners can increase risk of diabetes and heart disease. And sugar, even artificial sweeteners, can impact blood glucose levels.

Check out these book if you want to learn more on this. I also wrote about sugar in my article Foods That Are Bad For Your (Gut) Health

5. Reduce alcohol

5. Reduce alcohol - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink is generally a smart approach for improving your health. It affects the gut as well by increasing a type of microbes. This can result in constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating.

There is nothing wrong with having a glass of red wine from time to time. Red wine actually contains antioxidants that help protect you from inflammation and deisease. And lastly even increases the good bacteria in your gut.

I personally stopped drinking alcohol, with the exception of red wine. Most alcohol is bad for your gut and due to its sugar level also doesn’t help trying to stay a healthy fit weight in my experience.

6. Avoid too much antibiotics 

6. Avoid too much antibiotics - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Antibiotics is necessary to combat in many cases. Unfortunately, it is shared that 30% of cases antibiotics is unnecessarily. Overuse can lead to antibiotics resistance, damage of gut microbiota, and even immunity.

This was actually my case; doctors couldn’t find the issues so whenever I would land in a hospital bed… you guessed it, antibiotics was given to fight the infection.

I am now immune for 7 out of 12 antibiotics for this case and my gut was completely distroyed. Luckily I was able to restore my gut health and no longer need antibiotics!

7. Easy on the painkillers

7. Easy on the painkillers - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Painkillers that are most commonly prescribed treat pain by targeting inflammation. Although they produce short term relief (such as on your period), chronic use can damage your gut health. It irritates the intestinal lining, causing inflammation and damaging your microbiome.

8. Hold off the laxatives

8. Hold off the laxatives - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Often due to poor diet habits, you’re not as regular as you should be. Long-term use of laxatives can make you dependent and remove all the good gut flora.

If there is no underlying medical condition, try to add fibre to your diet and start exercising more.

9. Play and get dirty

9. Play and get dirty - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Allow me to explain! Studies have shown that exposure to pets and dirt can literally help us replenish our microbiota and encourage diversity.

Exposure to the natural microbes around us is actually a beneficial thing. Obviously do not go too crazy when playing in the dirt. Simply be less worries about it.

10. Eat a vegetarian diet

10. Eat vegetarian - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

It is shown that a vegetarian diet (eliminating all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs) have lower levels of gut inflammation.

The extensive use of antibiotics in factory farming, even in healthy animals, is increasing the risk of antimicrobial resistance. (shared by Sentient Media)

I also write about this in my article Foods That Are Bad For Your (Gut) Health. The main takeaway, is that often the food, completely naturally, is healthy. But unfortunately due to the industrialisation of our Western diet, many foods now include antibiotics.

11. Get enough sleep

11. Get enough sleep - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Sleep is another thing that will always be promoted as part of general good health. Your sleep is so important as it will help you improve mood for starters. There’s an animal study that shows irregular sleep habits may increase the risk of inflammatory conditions.

12. Avoid smoking

12. Avoid smoking - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Smoking affects gut health. There’s a research done in 2018 where it shows the intestinal flora is altered by decreasing the good bacteria and increasign the bad ones.

The study states that it may increase the risk of certain gut-related health issues such as inflammatory bowerl disease (IBD).

13. Drink more water

13. Drink more water - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Proper hydration is key. We know it already and is repeated at numerous occassions. Wow, there are even apps nowadays that can track the amount you drink.

The reason why drinking water is so important for your gut is thta it helps keep the food moving through your intestines properly. It’s all part of the amazing system of the human body!

14. Eat slowly

14. Eat slowly - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Your gut is literally the headquarters of your digestive system. Eating slowly by chewing and swallowing your food at a slower rate can help promote full digestion and absorption of nutrients.

According to healthline, it also may help you reduce digestive discomfort and maintain a healthy gut.

15. Reduce Stress:

15. Reduce stress - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Stressors can negatively affect gut health, such as psychological stress, environmental stress, and sleep deprivation. (shared by Medical News Today).

To reduce stress is easier said than done. It can be really tricky. I always feel that it really helps to (at least try!) to by in a routine with sleep, diet, and exercise.

16. Use different cleaning products

16. Use different cleaning products - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

This is very much linked to disinfectant cleaning products and the use of it close to babies or young children. Researchers studied people living in houses who used these products at least weekly.

The results is that they have twice as likely a specific gut microbe (Lachnospiraceae) that is the same type associated with type 2 diabetes.

17. Exercise regularly

17. Exercise regularly - How To Restore Gut Health (17 Ways)

Exercise will always be considered as healthy and will be recommended by every medical practioner around the world. It is proven (published by BMC genomics) that people that exercise more, such as athletes, have a larger variety (and therefore healthier) of gut flora.

How to restore your gut health? Take a look at the list provided here and see where you can make a small change. It is all about making changes towards a better gut health. Many of us assume it is only dietery, but as you can read, there is a lot more to it. 

Share in the comments, how do you take care of your gut health?